Arina Odion

15 | Female

Adopted after she was found on the beach as a baby, Arina has always felt a bit apart from her fellow villagers. She harbors several insecurities about being different, and is particularly sensitive to comments about it.


Arina is curious and loves to explore, frequently dragging her best friend Lian with her on various excursions around the island.


Foil Ontingen

17 | Male       Transport Guild

Currently in training to be a sailor, Foil is a very driven person. He’s smart, but he has a one track mind and will often go out of his way to accomplish his goals (a tendency that both benefits and hinders him).


He can be blunt, and isn’t close with many people as his ambitions usually get in the way of personal connection.


Walter Diamanti

18 | Male       Communications Guild

Walter comes across as passive and carefree, but there’s more going on beneath the surface than he lets on. He is almost done with the year of mandatory training that his guild requires, and will soon become a proper apprentice.


He has lived with Foil since he was very young, and thinks of him as both friend and family.


Maya Inaz

22 | Female       Mechanisms Guild

Maya has a tendency to speak her mind especially when she feels it’s in others best interest. Charismatic and fun to be around, she has a wide social network that comes in handy often. She works as a mechanic in the city.


Maya is a friend of Foil’s family, and the daughter of his and Walter’s landlord. They've known each other for a long time.


Lian Diela

16 | Male

Arina's best friend; they've known each other since they were kids. He is stubborn and steadfast in his opinions (a trait which sometimes gets him into trouble) and isn't the best at empathizing with others.


However he tries his best to understand Arina, and he cares about their relationship even though they don't always see eye to eye.