Arina’s spent her entire life in the village she grew up in, the only outpost of civilization on an island that her elders tell her is surrounded by endless ocean. However Arina’s not convinced, and when a mysterious boy shows up on the shore she only becomes more determined to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding her home and her people.


Falling into Place is an ongoing webcomic about friendship and mystery. It updates Mondays, whenever I have the time to work on it.


The Author

Hi I'm Mazit

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Hi I’m Mazit. I’m a digital based artist living in the Pacific Northwest, currently working towards a BA in digital arts. I’m primarily interested in art and narrative, and Falling into Place is one among many projects that inhabit my mind in my free time.


FiP is a longform project that I’ve been working on since about 2013. While it does have an end that I hope to reach someday, I am currently too busy to give it my full attention so the update schedule is lax.